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Nutrikey provides you with highest standard in Nutrition Advice, to help you enhance your horse's performance, health and wellbeing.

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Nutrikey is designed to help you be in control of your horse's nutrition needs now and in the future.

Our expert Nutrikey Advisors will work with you to balance your horse's diet to help enhance their health, performance and well-being.

The first step is to Create your Nutrikey Account and provide us with key information about your horse, to enable us to conduct our comprehensive diet analysis.

Your Nutrikey Account is your individual Equine Nutrition Platform, that stores key information for every horse you set up in your Account, together with storing their Nutrikey diets.  

Once you have set up your Nutrikey Account and have submitted information about your horse, our industry leading Qualified Equine Nutrition Advisors will review your account and will contact you to ensure they have all the information they need to provide tailored diet recommendations for your horse.

When our Nutrition Experts have concluded their diet analysis, you will receive a detailed, yet easy to read Nutrikey Equine Nutrition Report that contains personalised diet recommendations for your horse.

About Nutrikey

Nutrikey was established to provide all horse owners with the opportunity to access industry leading Equine Nutrition Advice.  With so many feed and supplement options, it's very confusing to understand what your horse's specific requirements are.  This is where Nutrikey provides the key to unlock the right nutrition for your horse. 

Our personalised and complementary service works with you 1:1 to analyse your horse's current diet, considering their individual circumstances.  These factors are then consolidated to provide to you in a very tailored, yet simple to read, Nutrikey Report including recommendations on what feeds and supplements (and what amounts) you should be feeding your horse to meet their individual nutritional needs. 

Maintaining your horse's nutritional requirements is a changeable and ongoing process.  As seasons change, or your horse's work, or situations change, their nutritional requirements also change.  Therefore we continue to keep in touch with our valued clients, to help you to maximise your horse's wellbeing, health and performance!

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“We purchased a 12 month old filly & she came to us quite malnourished. I consulted with the staff at Nutrikey because I had little experience in dealing with such a young & malnourished pony. The Nutrikey advice was fabulous. Within a few months we had a completely different pony & she continues to blossom. I also loved the follow ups from the staff & the tweaking advice given along the way."

"Nutrikey has assisted me to manage Raziel's weight and health. He is honestly looking and feeling the best he has and I am able to keep him conditioned and not too fat. Nutrikey nutritional advice has stopped me feeding him more supplements than I required (I was doubling up) and given me options for changing his feed as required. I would encourage anyone to approach Nutrikey for advice"

"I wanted to say a massive thank you to you guys for helping me find the perfect diet for Jack. He has already started to put on weight and muscle on his new feed. I'm sure you guys don't get enough credit for the amazing work you do. Jack is quite literally glowing, you can see what a positive impact you are having on so many horses. I'll be in touch again, come winter, to tweak his diet and help maintain his current condition."

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The Hygain Quick Feed Advisor and Troubleshooting Guide will help you make an informed decision on the right feed to suit your horse.



The horse’s weight serves as a basic guide to determine feeding requirements and to observe your horse’s health and condition. The Hygain Horse Weight Calculator offers a method to estimate your horse’s weight.



We have compiled the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers directed to Hygain’s Equine Nutritionist to assist you. Search through the categories and if the answer to your question is still pending, you can always contact us directly here.

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